Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ryoji Ikeda / Skoltz_Kolgen / Alog / Richard Chartier / William Basinski - all Performing in SF


Official Ryoji Ikeda site

Those of you who know the work of digital minimalist composer Ryoji Ikeda also no doubt know of the rarity of his US performances and recognize this as the opportunity it is to be aurally & visually stunned. Especially in the case of the surround performances. Sadly, not happening in my town and I was just in SF a month ago and won't be able to attend these shows. Breaks my heart. If you live in the Bay Area the word I would use is Unmissable!

Recombinant Media Labs Ryoji Ikeda site

Montreal multimedia maestros Skoltz_Kolgen will be perfoming a new audio/video piece in SF a week later as well as an exhibit of their installation piece "Aaska" which was premiered at Mutek last year in the Museum of Contemporary Art and was a thing of beauty. Making for another couple nights of unmissable sound/video arts.

Recombinant Media Labs Skoltz_Kolgen site

If that aint enough Rune Grammofon artists Alog from Norway are perfoming in the SF Electronic Music Fest that same week along with James Tenney among others:

SF Electronic Music Fest site

...And Richard Chartier, William Basinski, Tim Hecker and Frank Bretschneider are performing as part of the 'Bleeding Edge Fest' along with a number of other quality names in a diverse bill of good avant-rock and exceptional electronic sounds:

Bleeding Edge Fest site

I shoulda invested in that time machine and moved to San Francisco six months ago.