Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Visual Music: "SEE HEAR NOW!" at MoCA LA & RedCat Theater: Feb - May

"Visual Music: "SEE HEAR NOW!"
A experimental music series and expansive exhibition at MoCA Los Angeles investigating the synaesthetic resonance between contemporary music and visual art.






Skoltz_Kolgen ( Montreal-based plurimedia duo)

Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti (electronic ambiance by Throbbing Gristle founders)

Tom Recchion (LA free music society)

William Basinski & James Elaine (romantic-minimalism sound artist w/ film artist from NY - the product of a 20 yr collaboration)

Chessmachine (R.Chartier/I.Pavlov - electronic minimalists in adventurous 'chess game' sonic sparring)

Raster-Noton Label Showcase (Bretschneider,Olaf Bender - precise digital "sound architects" with a fascination for minimalism and the impact of technology on many aspects of visual art/design.)

Bell Solaris (piano/interactive performance piece by composer David Rosenboom)

... and more! Check out the URL for all of the related extremely high quality arts on the week long bill. Many of these acts performed in this past years Mutek festival in Montreal and produced visionary audiovisual events.