Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wooden Octopus Skull Experimental Music Festival - Sept 7-11

Yeah, wack name, I know - but a noteworthy fest of experimental and noise sounds that has come back around this year.
Check the all-Kawabata fest on the first night! And the surrealist folk night featuring Irr.App.[Ext.]

WoodenOctopus Skull Experimental Musick pFestival site

The WoodenOctopus Skull Experimental Musick pFestival
Sept. 7th - 10th 2006, Seattle Washington
The Conjuring Room

Conjuring Room Myspace page

Thursday Sept. 7th - Japanese New Music Festival featuring:

Acid Mothers Temple SWR
Ruins Alone
Zubi Zuva
Shrinp Wark

Friday Sept. 8th - Ladies Night featuring:

Replicock (Jakie of Smegma & Angie Sharkieface)
Midmight (from Hans Grusel)
Tolva Olsen (Dead Machines, Wooden Wand)
16 Bitch Pile Up
M.V. Carbon (of Metalux)
Leticia Castanede
Dialing In
Friends Forever

Saturday Sept. 9th - Surrealist Folk Night featuring:

Chrystal Belle Scrodd (first ever live performance!)
Irr. App. (Ext.)
Amber Asylum
Ear Venom

Sunday Sept 10th - Overwhelming Noise Night! featuring:

Wolf Eyes
Dead Machines
Double Leopards
Cherry Point
Hive Mind
Yellow Swans