Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Michael Haneke new film "Time of the Wolf"


New film by Director Michael Haneke known for the Cannes award winning "Piano Teacher" and "Funny Games" to name a few. Entirely shot in natural light, it is a tense and difficult bit of cinema that addresses a (cant spoil it) potential future and is therefore sci-fi? Can we call it sci-fi? Complex moral/social questions and contemplative subtle storytelling make it quite unlike anything else in domestic theatres right now.

At the Grand Illusion Theatre Sept 3-16th
50th and University Way
Seattle, WA

Friday, September 3, 2004

Decibel Electronic Music Festival - Lineup

Decibel Festival – 1st Annual NW Electronic Music and Arts Festival
Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill, 6 venues)
Sept 23rd – 26th


UPDATED DECIBEL LINE UP (complete as of 9-2)
in alphabetical order

Absolute Madman (Seattle - Fourthcity)
(A) ppendix Shuffle a.k.a. 8 Frozen Modules (L.A. - Orac, Proptronix Records)
.greg. (Decibel)
Beehive (Seattle)
Brandy Westmore (Seattle)
Bruno Pronsato (Seattle - Orac Records)
Caro (Seattle - Orac Records)
Cepia (Minneapolis - Ghostly International)
Circle Square (Vancouver, B.C. - Output Records)
Clever (Offshore, Breakbeat Science)
CNS Engineering (Portland - Bella, Classic Records UK)
Codebase (Seattle - Force Inc Records)
Deceptikon (Portland - Merck Records)
Derek Fisher (Portland - Shameless)
DJ Clandestine (Detroit - Underground Resistance)
DJ Eddie (Seattle - Decibel)
DJ Minx (Detroit - Girl Fun (k), M-nus Records)
DJN (Seattle - Fourthcity)
DJ Recess (Seattle - Shameless)
DJ Slip (Portland - Kanzleramt, Missle, Music Man Records)
Dub Exorcist (Portland)
Edit (L.A. - Planet Mu Records)
Electrofunk feat. Mr. De’ (Detroit - Electrofunk Records)
Foscil a.k.a. Scape (Seattle - Fourthcity)
Fourthcity Laptop Battle Championship (featuring Laptop battle finalists)
Hakea (Seattle)
Jeff Samuel (Seattle - Trapez, Ghostly/Spectral, Pokerflat Records)
Jeromy Nail (Seattle - Uniting Souls)
Jerry Abstract (Seattle - Decibel, Fixelplix, Shitkatapult Records)
John Tejada (L.A. - Plug Research, Playhouse, Palette Records)
Johnny Fever (Vancouver, B.C.  - Volume)
Kill Memory Crash (Chicago - Ghostly International)
KJ Sawka (live drum and bass band - Seattle)
Kris Moon (Seattle - Decibel, Fourthcity)
Kristina Childs (Seattle - Plasmodium Radio)
Loscil (Vancouver, B.C. - Kranky Records)
Lusine (Seattle - Hymen, Ghostly International)
Mani (Chicago - obS, Are You Techno?)
Marcus Nikolai (Frankfurt, Germany - Perlon, Classic Records)
Mech Warrior (Vancouver, B.C. - Barcode)
Michael Lakeman (Seattle - Decibel Radio)
Mike Huckaby (Detroit - Deep Transportation, Harmonie Park)
Misha (Seattle)
Mori (Portland)
Mr. Projectile (Santa Cruz - Toytronic, Merck Records)
Murat (U.S.A.)
ndCv (Seattle - Bass Kamp)
Nora Posch (Seattle - Dance Ritual)
Nordic Soul (Seattle - Decibel, Dreaming in Stereo)
Obelus (Seattle - Bass Kamp)
Paul Edwards (Seattle - Decibel, PG Series)
Plan B (Seattle - Luckyhorse Industries)
Plastiq Phantom (Seattle - Sweet Mother, Imputor?)
PJ Pooterhoots (Detroit - Definitive, Proptronix Records)
Primal (Portland - Mafia Records)
Psidream (Vancouver, B.C. - Barcode, Breakbeat Science)
Portable (South Africa - Sud, Background Records)
P.S. I Love You (Olympia)
Primal (Portland - Mafia Records)
Rama (Seattle)
Richard Chartier (Washington, D.C. - 12k/LINE Records)
Richard Devine (Florida - Schematic, Warp Records)
Robin Judge (Vancouver, B.C. - Onitor, Mille Plateaux Records)
Saba (Seattle - Blatant Records)
Safety Scissors (S.F. - Force Inc, Proptronix Records)
SCAN 7 (Detroit - UR, Tresor, Cratesaver, Elypsia Records)
Scientific American (Seattle - Massmvmnt Records)
Skiks (Bellingham, WA - WWU)
S.O.G. (Portland - Renegade Rhythms, obS/EAR)
Solenoid (Portland - OMCO, Orac Records)
Solvent (Toronto - Morr Music, Ghostly International)
Strategy (Portland - Kranky, Orac Records)
Sutekh (S.F. - Force Inc, Context Records)
Synth Club (Seattle - Reggie Watts, Nordic Soul, Daniel Spils, Steve Scalfati)
Tek Brothers (Detroit - Tunnel 7, Local 3000)
Terso (Seattle)
The Perfect Cyn (Portland - Shameless)
The Advent (London - Gigolo, Tresor, Kombination, Internal Records)
Tipper - DOWNTEMPO SET IN 5.1 (U.K. - Fuel, Mutopia Records)
Tomas Jirku (Vancouver, B.C. - Force Inc Records)
Twonz (Detroit - obS/EAR, Hi Jacked Records)
Zapan (Seattle - Fourthcity)
Zion 12 (Seattle - Zion's Gate Records, Uniting Souls)