Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SUPERSILENT 7 - released 10/05


Norways monolithic improv outfit Supersilent have released their 7th album as an almost 2 hour DVD. Judging from what I know these guys are capable of live, I expect this to effectively kick everyone's collective avant-asses

Link to Supersilent site

Press release from Rune Grammofon:

"finally we can present this longawaited treat of a concert film. the sold out concert took place in oslo in august last year and was beautifully captured by kim hiorthøy and friends to 16 mm black and white film, and later edited by hiorthøy. the sound was recorded by athletic sound and mixed by helge sten. needless to say, it looks and sounds fantastic. the concert itself was rewarded a six out of six review at the time in norway's major national paper aftenposten.
you get the complete concert, 109 minutes, 6 tracks, in the same order as on the night, there are no overdubs or repairs. and there is no bonus material, not even a menu. this is a conscious decision by the director, artist and label.
we wanted it to work like a cd, with instant access to the concert material and individual tracks. both sound and picture has been coded in the best possible way. it's a dvd-9 (as opposed to the more normal dvd-5), meaning it's a dual layer disc with more space for information and therefore better picture quality. In addition to the standard dolby digital, there is also a dts sound option for those with players equipped for this."

Sunday, October 9, 2005

"Tony Takitani" - Murakami adapted to Film - Seattle 10/21


Yep! Its a Jun Ichikawa film that's an adaptation of the Haruki Murakami short story of the same name - that appeared in the New Yorker awhile back. With a soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto of his more classical piano-led work.

Link to Quicktime Trailer

Link to Screening Schedule and Strand Releasing site

6/24- Dole Cannery Stadium 18 Theatre Honolulu, HI
7/8- Wallace Maui Mall Complex Kahului, HI
7/29- Angelika Film Center New York, NY
8/12- Landmark Clay Theater San Francisco, CA
8/12- Landmark Shattuck Cinemas Berkeley, CA
8/26- University Town Center 6 Irvine, CA
8/26- Laemmle`s Playhouse 7 Pasadena, CA
8/26- Laemmle`s Sunset 5 Los Angeles, CA
8/26- Landmark Ken Cinema San Diego, CA
9/9- Ritz at the Bourse Philadelphia, PA
9/30- Landmark Century Center Cinemas Chicago, IL
9/30- Landmark Inwood 3 Theatres Dallas, TX
9/30- Crest Theatre Sacramento, CA
10/14- Landmark Dobie Theater Austin, TX
10/14- Landmark E Street Cinema 8 Washington, DC
10/21- Landmark Kendall Square Cinema Cambridge, MA
10/21- Landmark Varsity Theater Seattle, WA
12/2-12/4 Detroit Institute of the Arts Detroit, MI

Monday, October 3, 2005

Earth, Boris, SUNN O))) - Seattle Oct. 27 = Doomdrone Urmetal Night!


Drone Doom UrMetal Masters, Boris and SUNN O))) are going to sonically assault anyone who dares to be present at Neumos on the night of October 27.

Southern Lord Tour Site

Come get your ass kicked by the Low Frequency Drone-Metal bludgeoning of it all!