Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boris, Red Sparowes & Russian Circles - US Tour : Jul 24 - Sept 5

Japanese heavier-than-heavy psych-rock outfit return to the US again for the 5th
time in a decade! Previous tours have seen them opening for Doom-Metalers SUNN 0)))
on the "Altar" tour and being the headliner with Damon & Naomi supporting their
collaborative album with Michio Kurihara, "Rainbow". This tour sees them back in the
headliner position delivering what has become less Metal, less Psych, and more just
outright BLASTING pop of the rocking variety. It's been a curious journey to observe,
from their earliest Melvins & Earth (they derived their name from a Melvins track)
inspired Doom-tunes as heard on "AbsoutEgo" and "Amplifier Worship" to the Psych/Bro
Rock of "Mabuta No Uta" and "Heavy Rocks (Orange)" through the quiet, yet epic, finger
-picking Folkish styles of "Flood" to the outright Psyche Pop of the aforementioned
"Rainbow" and "Pink" to the most recent mutant strains of fluorescent brutal Pop of
"Smile" and almost violent-Shoegaze of the recent "Japanese Heavy Rock Hits" 7"
series.They've delivered some of the most completely passionately delirious concert
experiences (and crushingly loudest too) I've ever witnessed, so I expect no less
this time. Fans of Doom Metal, Heavy-Psych, epic Rock ala Grails/ Explosions in
the Sky, Shoegaze, and anything just damn loud, vital and hysterical you can do
with a electric guitar, bass and drums - take note!

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