Monday, July 17, 2006

Lead Pencil / Lawrimore Project : 'Maryhill Double' Installation / 'If These Walls' Opening


Once again Lead Pencil go about their ingenius work of blurring the definitions of architecture and installation - best read the details at the site rather than me getting all wordy on it - this one being out in the middle of nowhere aka the Columbia Gorge. Future roadtrip in order!

Lead Pencil 'Maryhill Double' Installation site

SuttonBeresCuller - If These Walls 'Revelation Ceremony' - Opening July 15. Yep, a bit post-event on this one, but if you've ever had the joy of seeing the mobile installations by SuttonBeresCuller such as 'There Goes the Neighborhood' or their 'Trailer Park' out and about town, this is an opportunity to witness more of their work - albeit in a 'bug caught under glass' ( ie: presented in a gallery) sort of way that takes away the situationalist-public-interraction aspect that I find to be my fave thing about their various works. The Lawrimore is an attractive gallery and certainly shows much promise for future shows, no surprise in the fact that the space was designed by Lead Pencil.

Lawrimore Project - SuttonBeresCuller site