Sunday, August 23, 2009

Decibel Festival of Electronic Music : Sept 24 - 27

Now in it's sixth year, Seatte's Decibel Festival of electronic music and media is back
with an even more audacious and expanded lineup. Second in the U.S. only to Detroit's
DEMF as far as scope and scale, Decibel seeks to be a showcase for all things electronic,
regardless of genre in the most progressive, inclusive sense. Again this year, featuring
showcases curating genre and stylistic themes that introduce new forms to a larger
audience and redefine existing ones. Showcases of note include the three 'Optical' audio
-visual showcases featuring ambient, neoclassical and experimental musics, the two 'Decibel
in Dub' showcases of newdub, dubstep and electronic dub mutations, 'Decibel in the Park' at
Capitol Hill's beautiful Volunteer Park, 'Bass Lovers Unite' showcase of heavy-end dancefloor
Bass exploration and a opening gala Ghostly Records showcase to start the festival off right.

Highlights of the individual artists gracing Seattle for the festival include dancefloor mavens
Robert Hood, Alter Ego and Wighnomy Bros., splendorous ambient soundscapes from
Mountains, Sawako, Goldmund, The Sight Below, Frank Bretschneider and William
, nocturnal urban rhythms from Dubstep producers Benga, Pinch, Martyn
and Mala, grandious techno-dub hybrids from Echospace, Boxcutter, DJ/Rupture and
Move D along with nearly innumerable others, in various genres and styles, from the dance
-floor to the seated theatre, through the course of this four day, over 100-artist festival.

Check the Decibel site for full artist listings, bios and showcase descriptions and times.
Previous years have seen showcases at capacity (or even sell out the night of), so
purchase in advance for festival passes and individual showcase tickets is often:

Link to Decibel 'Optical' showcase site

Link to 'Decibel in Dub' showcase site

Link to 'Decibel in the Park' site

Link to Decibel 'Bass Lovers Unite' showcase site

Link to Decibel 'Ghostly Records' showcase site

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Roy Andersson's new film "You, the Living" at SIFF Cinema : Sept 11 - 17

The fourth film in almost 30 years by Swedish auteur Roy Andersson caries on from the
macabre spectacle of the bizarre that made his "Songs from the Second Floor" so singular
in all of cinema. The fantastical surrealism of Fellini, the wide-open alien austerity of Kubrick,
the humor of Terry Gilliam and an impeccable sense of timing and Andersson's own particular
obsession for elaborate artifice (his sets!) which convincingly fool the mind and eye - that are
all his own. Where "Songs from the Second Floor" was a genre-film defying modern 'Living Dead'
tale about society's absurd yearning for 'end times', "You, the Living" is more concerned with the
'Dead, Living'. You know what I mean, we're witness to these people every day; the Dead, Living.

Link to Official Roy Andersson site

Link to SIFF Cinema "You, the Living" site

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Claire Denis' new film "35 Shots of Rum" Opens : Sept 16 - NYC

Claire Deni's newest "35 shots of Rum" where her explorations of urban life are told through
images of everyday events; transportation, rest, work, home, social activity, quietude - depicting
the daily mundane as scenarios consisting of their fundamental beauty, light, sound and motion.
It also is a keen exploration of race and minority on the fringes of sprawling Paris, told through
the slowly revealed history of one family. Many of Denis' same visual techniques and concerns
are at play throughout "35 Shots...", but here they make for extended threads of compositional
interplay that are more perfectly aligned than any of her previous work.

Link to official "35 shots of Rum" site