Sunday, April 13, 2008

San Francisco International Film Festival : Apr 24 - May 8

Much like Portland's International Film Festival (PIFF!) San Francisco's often acts as a preview of sorts
for Seattle's bewildering onslaught of cinema that has become SIFF. No exaggeration here, SIFF for the
past two years has been the largest international film festival in North America. In doing a quick perusal
of San Francisco's-IFF came up with these notable and curious titles in the fest:

Link to San Francisco International Film Festival site

Aleksander Sokurov - "Alexandra":

Catherine Breillat - "The Last Mistress":

Bela Tarr - "Man from London":

Guy Maddin - "My Winnipeg":

Ermanno Olmi - "One Hundred Nails":

Jia Zhang-Ke - "Still Life":

Aditya Assarat - "Wonderful Town":

Roy Andersson - "You, The Living":