Sunday, March 30, 2008

Edgard Varese / Le Corbusier "Poeme Electronique" : Early AV Modernism

Link to UBUWEB archive's Varese / Corbusier "Poeme Electronique" video

Seeing this classic collaboration again between two of the 20th Century's great pioneers
(Modern Composition / Design & Architecture respectively) brings to mind the continuation
of lineage in this audio/visual form by contemporaries like the recently mentioned Qubo Gas,
Domnitch & Gelfand, Uonoma and Alex Rutterford. Admittedly, the likes of Qubo and Rutterford
aren't inventing completely new sonic forms while constructing some of the most advanced visionary
architecture of the century. So, the old masters remain masterful and the new kids continue on their
step-by-step progressive way with explorations in new media.

Link to Columbia University Music Dept - Varese "Poeme Electronique" site