Saturday, February 16, 2008

Michael Haneke's not-so-new film "Funny Games" opens at
Landmark Theatres : Mar 14

Austrian filmmaker and Cannes Jury Prize/Palme d'Or winner, Michael Haneke's newest is set to open
here in the states in the coming month. Of all the strange and unexpected turns for this challengingly
intellectual (stressing the challenging) director to take - "Funny Games" is not only a film of his own from
a decade ago, but this domestic remake is a shot-for-shot recreation of the original. Almost as if to say;
'Ok, you want a remake of my film, well here it is - exactly as I intended it. Exactly'. Haneke himself has
been generous in giving some background to the decision to do the American remake, no doubt inspired
by the question posed by much of his audience as to why. Why? In-particular when we could instead have
a totally new work by him, is he choosing to exactly duplicate an existing film? This article and excerpts
of an interview with him in the New York Times sheds some light on this curious and possibly subversive
act of creative reproduction, from one of modern cinema's greatest provocateurs:

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