Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alexander Kluge : 50 Film Collection on Edition Filmmuseum

Where to begin with this massive archival rerelease? All 50 Films for Cinema
from Alexander Kluge: Spanning decades of work for film (excluding of
course his later material for television) the work of this German postwar author,
compatriot of Theodore Adorno, instructor at the Institute for Social Research
and later from the 60's onward one of the most prolific of the 27 signatories to
the Oberhausen Manifesto of 1962, which marked the launch of the New German
Cinema. Almost totally unseen in the US, these films have finally been made
available through the archival/restoration facilities of Edition-Filmmuseum. As
a 8-DVD, 50 Film(!!) collected edition no less. This includes what are considered
his classics; "Yesterday Girl", "Artists Under the Big Top: Perplexed", "The Power
of Emotion" and the fantastically titled "The Assault of the Present on the Rest
of Time". Rare, exceptional works of cinema that have taken many, many
years to finally appear here in these meticulously assembled editions.

Link to Edition Filmmuseum "Alexander Kluge: Films for Cinema" site