Sunday, November 11, 2007

30 Years of KINO at SIFF Cinema : Nov 16 - Dec 5

Some of the greatest films of the past century, showing in this three week series - all released by the distribution
house KINO in celebration of its 30th Anniversary as a significant figure in global cinema. From classics by Fritz
Lang, Von Sterberg and Luis Bunuel to mid-20th Century masters like Kurosawa and Tarkovsky to some of the
best among the ranking modern visionaries; Michael Haneke, Aki Kaurismaki and Wong Kar-Wai. Of particular
note is Andrey Zvyagintsev's "The Return" - which had a very, very limited theatrical release on its premier in
2004 - and stood as the cinema highlight of that year for me.

Link to SIFF "30 Years of Kino Films" site

All films at SIFF's McCaw Hall theatre there at the Seattle Centre, 321 Mercer Street. From SIFF: "For the next
three weeks we have the pleasure of bringing to the big screen some of the greatest films in the world, made
possible by the great independent distributor of classic and revelatory new cinema, Kino International.
Happy 30th Anniversary, Kino!"

Link to Kino Films site

Link to Kino "The Return" site