Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hauschka "Prepared Paino" US Performances : Nov 3 - 13

November sees Hauschka bringing his minimal electronics and prepared piano work
into a live context to select theatre venues here in the states. His sound borrows as
much from John Cage's same-titled 'prepared piano' works and the historic
predecessors of Les Six, namely Erik Satie, along with his contemporaries in more
electronic 'pop' sounds like Aoki Takamasa, Max Richter, Swod and Goldmund. I'm
a fan, as it revives a avant-tradition and breathes a little 'lighter' contemporary air into
the form without reducing it to insubstantial appropriation or a 'pop' gesture of quotation.

Link to official Hauschka site

Link to Triple Door calendar site

Here in Seattle we have the benefit of seeing this tour hosted at the (what I sometimes
find to be rather too bourgeoisie) venue that is the Triple Door. Who's soundsystem,
theatre-style seating and environs will actually be ideal for this type of sound-work.
Rather impressive and audacious to bring this tour to the states, not to mention book
larger, more upscale venues like the Triple Door to host the performances. As outside of
avant, classical and academic music circles, I've encountered very little awareness that this
music, and its tradition now going on almost a century, even exists. So! Hats off to Hauschka
and Rafael Anton Irisarri for bringing this tour to town and making a conscious, like I said,
somewhat audacious, choice in the venue.