Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Restless Brilliance" at The Hammer Museum : Oct 23 / Nov 7 - LA

Two evenings or advanced, modern-minimalist audio and video arts at Califonia's Hammer Museum.
A fine roster of composers selected for this one including magnetic-tape maestro William Basinski
(best known for his 'Disintegration Loops' series) and 12k label-head Taylor Deupree. As well as a/v
screenings by Raster-Noton's Frank Bretschneider and Semiconductor, who it was reported, turned in
an exceptional body of work at this years Mutek Montreal.

Link to Hammer Museum site

Link to Volume Projects site

"Join Volume Projects and the Hammer Museum as we co-present RESTLESS BRILLIANCE, two evenings
exploring new trajectories in music and video." Showcasing new work in the emergent field of experimental
electronic and audiovisual performance, RESTLESS BRILLIANCE presents seven artists that are blurring the
lines between music, cinema, performance, and art."


William Basinski
Steve Roden

Screening: The Sound of Microclimates by Semiconductor


Taylor Deupree
Christopher Willits
I8U & Chika

Screening: RHYTHM EXP by Frank Bretschneider

RESTLESS BRILLIANCE is free to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.