Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Alex Ross & "The Well-Tempered Web" : Downloading is doing THE OPPOSITE OF KILLING classical music


Link to The New Yorker "Well-Tempered Web" article

"If, as people say, the Internet is a paradise for geeks, it would logically work to the benefit
of one of the most opulently geeky art forms in history."

Thanks Alex Ross at The New Yorker for further shattering the illusion that digital file transfer,
paid downloading and/or sharing of music is KILLING anything other than the sh*tty commercial
music industry and that people don't want to pay for lame major-label 'as seen on this weeks car ad'
albums just to get that 'hit single'. So yes, I'm an advocate of DISCREETLY sharing musics online
and making individual judgements based on the particulars of the availability of the release, the
artists in question and how large/who in its audience its going to - on a album by album basis.
Looks like its working out just fine for the classical music community.

And it appears our well-informed gentleman Mr. Ross here has a newly published book on 20th Century
Composers too in the event you were ever wanting to get with the more knowledge on the subject:

Link to "The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century" Book / Official site