Saturday, March 31, 2007

UrMetal Tours : Noxagt / Earth / Jesu / Isis : March - April


April already looks to be the month of METAL. (of the best Doomdrone-Space-UrMetal varieties!) After many delays with the Feds - JESU finally has their permits to gain access to our lovely Amerika and barrage us with droning spacemetal jams. Noxagt from Norway, incase you havent heard em, are one of the heaviest sounds ever played by three people. Especially considering that the lineup is electric viola, bass and drums. Led by the bass-drone doomaster Kjetil D Brandsdal. Keep an eye out in your town, both shows should prove to be heeeeavy.

Jesu / Isis Tour:

Link to the Official JESU Blog Site

Noxagt / Earth Tour:

Link to the Southern Lord - Earth / Noxagt Site