Sunday, April 1, 2007

"Resolution" Tivon Rice : Lawrimore Project / "Neon Circle" Carsten Höller / "Elusive Signs" Bruce Nauman : Henry Art Museum

Tivon Rice


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Three new exhibitions in town/forthcoming involving light as the basis of the work. All distinctly different, the Holler being neon and somewhat of a hallucinatory/environment experience while the Rice is more object-oriented. The object in question being the most mundane/synthetic of everyday materials; the Cathode Ray Tube and Plastics, but he transforms them into things of beauty, texture and warmth. The Holler runs til the 13th of May and the Rice is at the Lawrimore through April 28th. Nauman's work in this exhibit being more focused to his neons and less installation oriented, though there's a brilliant spacial piece included. This piece brought to mind some of the work in James Turrell's "Knowing Light" exhibit at the Henry in 2003, which will likely prove to be one of the great art experiences of my life. Check the links for more alluring images, warning: bit of a spoiler tho' - I recommend going into all of these shows 'blindly' - a few of them only running for a few more weeks, so don't miss it.