Monday, October 2, 2006

Sounds on Rotation - Sept / Oct - Books in Circulation


So here's whats been playing at my place/on my pod this past month or so. Have been particularly pleased with
the past couple months of new albums I've acquired, these being mostly textural, melodic and atmospheric type sounds.
Has really complimented both the change of season and my hyperactive return to bookreading thats happened post-Decibel:

Marsen Jules "Les Fleurs" (City Centre)
v/a "Silva Compilation" (Miasmah)
Tim Hecker "Harmony In Ultraviolet" (Kranky)
Colleen "Et Les Boites À Musique" (Leaf)
Machinefabriek "Marijn" (Lampse)
Alva Noto "For" (Line)
Murcof "Cosmos" (Leaf)
Orla Wren "Butterfly Wings Make" (Expanding)
Steinbrüchel "Opaque (+Re)" (Room 40)
The North Sea and Rameses III "Night Of The Ankou" (Type)
Modern Institute "Excellent Swimmer" (Expanding)
William Basinski "Variations For Tape And Piano: Pantelleria" (2062)
Skoltz_Kolgen "Post Piano 07_05" (12k)
Helios "Eingya" (Type)
One Second Bridge "One Second Bridge" (Buro)
Taylor Deupree "Northern" (12k)
Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto "Revep" (Raster-Noton)
The Gentleman Losers "The Gentleman Losers" (Buro)
v/a "Expanding Compilation 2006" (Expanding)
Svalastog "Woodworking" (Rune Grammofon)
Pan American "For Waiting, For Chasing" (Mosz)
Richard Chartier/Taylor Deupree "Specification.Fifteen" (Line)
Phonophani "Phonophani" (Rune Grammofon)
Sickoakes "Seawards" (Type)
Triosk "The Headlight Serenade" (Leaf)
v/a "Touch 25 Compilation" (Touch)
Coh "Patherns" (Raster-Noton)

Books in question being split between two authors, some of these being re-reads from years ago.
Both authors of Japanese origin, the first a well known contemporary fellow, the second being
one of the prominent Japanese post-existentialist writers from the 50's-60's post-war era:

Haruki Murakami - "Wind-Up Bird Chronicles" and his new short story collection; "Blind Woman, Sleeping Willow"
Kobo Abe - "Ruined Map", "Face of Another" and "Roadsign at the End of the Street"

...and finished the new Issue 20 of McSweeney's. Which had a pretty stunning visual element this time around.
Including a personal fave of mine, painter/multimedia artist Jules De Balincourt:
Jules De Balincourt links and articles