Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jan Jelinek - Seattle Performace : Sept 21 / Decibel Fest Photos


As if the Decibel Fest this past week wasnt enough (and it certainly was profound in an abundance of ways) Jan Jelinek is performing a Seattle show as a post-Decibel appreciation party in advance of his appearance at New Forms the following weekend. Atmospheric, kosmik-jazz-infused electronic sounds of the highest order. This'll be a thing of beauty not to miss - excellent timing to ward off the post-DB blues.

Jan Jelinek site at Scape Records

And the two most prominent photo-documentations of this years Decibel Fest. Just look for the two real-tall hairless dudes, the little white haired bespectacled fellow and the short black haired dancin-femme and you can spot my posse pretty easy in the crowd... not to mention all those artist types doing their thing:

Decibel Photo Group on Flickr


Decibel Official Photographer site