Sunday, December 21, 2014

Andy Stott's new album "Faith in Strangers" & West Coast Tour with Kowton: Jan 22 - 27

Andy Stott most of us know from his breakout album of 2011, "We Stay Together" on the UK's Modern Love imprint and as one of the highlights of Decibel Festival these past two years. First in 2012 alongside label-mates Demdike Stare's manifestation of all things Italian Giallo and French Fantastique in their live score to Jean Rollin's surrealist erotic-horror classic "La Vampire Neu" and this past summer in a second shared label showcase with the duo. Both occasions delivering some of the most assured, abstract, darkly rich post-techno being made on the planet. The physicality of their beats have hit a perfect equilibrium with some of the densest subterranean atmospheres being created in contemporary electronic music. These complimenting/contrasting poles are explored even more explicitly in their collaborative Millie & Andrea project via their take on traditions drawing from UK Bass music and Jungle. As a date in his current west coast tour Andy Stott solo next month at Neumos won't compare with such genre-bending showcases as those, but it's bound to be another of his corporeal/cerebral warping of dance music into a body-impacting spacial environment, a process detailed in his interview for FACT, "Tearing Up the Rulebook: Making Mistakes is the Most Exciting Thing You Can Do". Stott's previous full length, "Luxury Problems" making The Wire's 2012 Rewind and the essential British mag hosting a significant interview with him that same  year. His newest, "Faith in Strangers" released at the tail end of November was equally well received and charted with many of the institutions in the know as part of their year end wrap-ups. Boomkat, FACT Mag, The Quietus and Resident Advisor all enthusiastic in their significant praise.