Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Bloody Valentine's new album "MBV" & US Tour: Aug 16 - 25

So here we are, 2013, and My Bloody Valentine releases the generically titled "MBV" within a year of the equally delayed and nearly as anticipated re-released, remastered, "Loveless" & "Isn't Anything" & "Singles Collection" the latter reissues having their own particular, circuitous, and drawn out tale of release through a labyrinth of legal complexities with Sony. Best described in his interview for Quietus, "Not Doing Things is Soul Destroying" and a surprisingly in-depth piece for Pitchfork as well, "The Strange Saga Behind My Bloody Valentine's Remasters". Which in the end is nothing compared to the greater epic of "MBV's" creation though a relocation, rebuilding the studio, a meticulous, obsessive, perfectionist work ethic and the dangers of Chinchilla ownership as detailed in Mike McGonigal's 33 1/3 book about "Loveless". All of that, to then bring you an album that sounds, for all intensive purposes, as though it's a direct train of thought issuing from just years within "Loveless" release. Nothing so groundbreaking as that album's prime moving forward of the genre, or the harsh rock leap into the dark of "Isn't Anything", but a continuance, and an updating of the line of thought began two decades ago with those releases. Here they are again, to rock you live louder and longer (objectively it can't be argued) than you ever thought a bass, two guitars and a drum kit ever could. My Bloody Valentine's North American Tour, wherein thankfully, their Seattle show has been relocated from the megamall venue that was the WaMu Center, to the Showbox Sodo. The improved, but still regrettable acoustics of the new venue may make no difference with this one though, as their thunderous, terrifying noise... well, you'll not be hearing anything but MBV, for at least a few days, during and after.