Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cut Hands and Black Rain North American Tour: May 30 - June 10

Beginning at New York's Public Assembly, swinging through the west coast, hitting Seattle's Chop Suey (and this is where I'm going to take a moment to give thanks that this show is not booked at the Black Lodge) and arriving at Montreal's incomparable Suoni Per il Popolo festival in less than two weeks, blink and you'll miss this rare opportunity. William Bennett's previous appearance in town as Cut Hands in Decibel Festival's Modern Love Showcase significantly exceeded what I expected of his live incarnation. Yes, this is William Bennett of Whitehouse we're talking about. Bennett who happens to have one of, (if not the), largest private collection of traditional African instruments in the UK... and since it's a 55(?) year old British gent who's been unrelenting about his aesthetics/approach to sound/physicality since the early 1980's, I certainly didn't expect him to stop now. What we were witness to in last year's Modern Love showcase was a deluge of brutal African rhythms and extreme frequency f*ckery, a evolutionary/mutagenic leap of the Whitehouse sound/agenda for sure. Expecting more of the same this time around! Especially that his set is proceeded by fellow Blackest Ever Black recording artist, Black Rain. Blackest Ever Black having become, in the course of just a few short years, one of the premier labels releasing all things darkly cinematic, electronic, issuing tech apocrypha of the cyber-occult. The outstanding album-of-the-year list making "Quarter Turns Over A Living Line" by Raime and Vatican Shadow's refashioning of the techno engine both being prime examples, further plumbing of the depths to be heard on the label compilation, "After The Affair". A night not to be missed by noiseniks, doom addicts and all lovers of corporeal, physical, 21st Century avant-sound!