Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seattle Cinerama's First Annual Science Fiction Film Festival: Apr 19 - May 2

Previous year's screenings of classic sci-fi on the 3rd? 4th? largest screen on
the west coast, Seattle's Cinerama theater have been good... but never this 
good. No need to get too hyperbolic or hyper-expositive on this one as it's
basically self-evident what's going on here. Nonetheless, I feel I should point
out that all of these are at least 35mm prints, with some (like "2001"!) being
70mm and when, if ever, in your life will you get a chance again to witness
Tarkovsky's "Solaris", Lynch's "Dune", Gilliam's "Brazil" or even the classic
piece of 70's interstellar bummer-times "Silent Running" on this quality a
screen/soundsystem? Never. That's when. Check that list of films!:  
2001: A Space Odyssey (70mm) • Barbarella • Brazil • Clockwork 
Orange • Close Encounters Of The Third Kind • Dune • E.T. • Flash 
Gordon • Forbidden Planet • Ghostbusters • Mad Max • Matrix • 
Metropolis (w/ The Alloy Orchestra) • Omega Man • Planet Of The 
Apes • Road Warrior • Silent Running • Solaris • Soylent Green • Star 
Trek 2  • Terminator • THX 1138 • Tron (70mm) • War Of The Worlds