Sunday, March 21, 2010

Morgan Thorson & Low "Heaven" at On the Boards : April 1 - 4

It's been some years since I was at the height of being compelled by the music of Low, around the time of their
excellent "Secret Name" & "Things We Lost in the Fire" albums, but in the setting/context of this new Modern Dance
piece by Morgan Thorson, who's last major works toured such esteemed galleries as P.S.122, Walker Art Center and
ICA Boston to excellent reviews, I'm intrigued. "Heaven" looks to be compelling for both the opportunity to re-examine
Low in a new/different setting, along with the costume design, the sets and of course; the choreography. The themes
of the piece; the sublime, rapture, religious elation and epiphany are explored in analogy and parable, rather than
literal theological terms, making for a modern work that walks that tightrope between the conceptual premise' as
metaphor and personal expression as embodiment of those archetypal themes.
From the On The Boards site: "Integrating live music and vocal work into dance, Heaven is a collaboration between
rising choreographer Morgan Thorson and musicians Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker of the indie band Low. "Heaven"
considers each of its participants equally in solo, duet and choral arrangements to evoke an emotional and physical
ecstasy more commonly associated with religious practice. Heaven premiered at DiverseWorks in Houston in October
of 2009.Thorson visits Seattle after enjoying national acclaim for her last project, "Faker", which was seen by audiences
at PS 122 (NYC), ICA (Boston) and the Walker Art Center's Momentum Series at The Southern Theater (Minneapolis).
Formed in 1993, Low has garnered a worldwide cult following for their minimalist soundscapes and achingly beautiful

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