Saturday, December 26, 2009

Michael Haneke & Corneliu Porumboiu's new films at Landmark
Theatres : Jan - Feb

Art returns to Seattle in 2010! Two major new pieces of cinema that premiered
at Cannes some six months ago now, are forthcoming at the Landmark, both opening
in January. The newest film from the current Romanian New Wave that brought last
year's harrowing "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days" and 2007's "Death of Mr. Lazarescu"
by the Cannes Jury Prize winning Corneliu Porumboiu; "Police, Adjective" - as a
investigation into law, language, interpretation, perception and moral conscience
in the context of the then-changing cultural/political climate of Romania. Also!
the highly-highly-highly anticipated, 2009 Cannes Palme D'or winner by Michael
Haneke; "The White Ribbon" - where Haneke creates his first period-piece as a
vehicle to explore his often addressed themes of the ambiguity of external
morality, societal culpability and the role of the individual. This one being
particularly curious as it's setting is pre-WWI Austria, the protagonists are
children, they are a religious youth faction indroctrinated in a new spin on
an old-world philosophy/morality and the film's subtitle when screened in
Europe is "A German Children's Story"; anyone who knows the work of
Michael Haneke will no doubt see the mischief in this!

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