Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lars Von Trier's new film "Antichrist" at Landmark Theatres : Oct 23

Lars Von Trier's Cannes-shocking newest is (finally!) opening in San Francisco, NY, LA
and Chicago in the month of October. Reports from both Cannes and the New York Film
Festival suggest "Antichrist" to be a return to form (and possibly a new twist or two on the
whole Psychological Horror genre) from the director that delivered one of the worst films of
the early 2000's in the form of "Dogville" and it's sequel, the nearly-as-abhorrent "Manderlay".
Right off, the look of "Antichrist" stands out for its stunning cinematography and intricately
detailed capturing of color and light - quite removed from the post-Dogme rigours of his
recent films. Let's not forget though that Von Trier is the mastermind behind an abundance
of incomparable cinema over the past few decades, as this is the director of "Element of
Crime", "Europa/Zentropa", "Breaking the Waves", "Dancer in the Dark", "The Kingdom"
and "Five Obstructions" that we're talking about - so you've got to cut the man some (a lot
of) slack for just *two* heinous misses in such a singular oeuvre. Check both the IFC and
landmark sites for release dates/cities as well as prominent article in this month's Film Comment:

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