Sunday, August 16, 2009

Roy Andersson's new film "You, the Living" at SIFF Cinema : Sept 11 - 17

The fourth film in almost 30 years by Swedish auteur Roy Andersson caries on from the
macabre spectacle of the bizarre that made his "Songs from the Second Floor" so singular
in all of cinema. The fantastical surrealism of Fellini, the wide-open alien austerity of Kubrick,
the humor of Terry Gilliam and an impeccable sense of timing and Andersson's own particular
obsession for elaborate artifice (his sets!) which convincingly fool the mind and eye - that are
all his own. Where "Songs from the Second Floor" was a genre-film defying modern 'Living Dead'
tale about society's absurd yearning for 'end times', "You, the Living" is more concerned with the
'Dead, Living'. You know what I mean, we're witness to these people every day; the Dead, Living.

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