Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ulrich Seidl's new film "Import/Export" Opens : Jul 31 - NYC

Ulrich Seidl's newest finally get's a (very) limited Us release, a year and a half after it's Cannes
premiere. Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson has described the work of Ulrich Seidl as "the
closest thing to hell that I've ever seen on film". His new one, "Import/Export" which premiered
at last year's Cannes, induced a state of late-night torpor (after eating 4 1/2 lbs of oranges all at
once) in me... but that have have been the oranges. Truly desolate. It was beautiful though, both
in the technique and the visual content of the landscapes the drama unfolds within. The 'Hell' of
post-Communism labor exploitation in set in the 'Heaven' of the Eastern European landscapes
(urban nightmare-slums aside). Nearly a decade late, inspiring to see Seidl continuing on with
the ideas first explored in his Jury Prize winning "Dog Days" of 2001.

Link to Ulrich Seidl filmography site

Link to official "Import/Export" site