Monday, June 1, 2009

PJ Harvey & John Parish "A Woman A Man Walked By" US Tour : Jun 2 - 21

PJ Harvey and regular collaborator, producer, and bandmate John Parish return to the US for a summer tour following the excellent string of indie rock and era defining albums. These began in the earliest 1990s with "Dry", "Rid of Me", and "To Bring You My Love". Few albums and artists so fully expressed the rough edged, hyperkinetic songwriting energy, and general zeitgeist of the decade as these. A new phase, tempered by introspective moods, more spare arrangements, and refined production arrived with her first major collaboration with John Parish "Dance Hall At Louse Point", and was then further polished to perfection on "Is this Desire?". Expanding her vocabulary again on the lush arrangements of "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea", the dynamic "Uh Huh Her", more stripped down minimalist albums like "White Chalk", and this year's second major collaboration with Parish, "A Woman A Man Walked By":

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Link to Seattle Times PJ Harvey at The Moore