Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mutek Electronic Music Festival : May 27 - 31 : Montreal

Its approaching Mutek time again! Not only that, but this year marks the 10th anniversary
of the festival (yes, it's been a decade since the first venture in Montreal) for this now world
-renowned electronic media and arts festival:

Link to Mutek Festival Lineup site

Rather than go on and get all wordy, Im just going to condense this one down to a shortlist.
Inspired anticipation for these artists this time around!:

Ryoji Ikeda
Carsten Nicolai
Ghislain Poirier
Raster-Noton label Showcase

Highligh this year being the A/Visions Showcase aspect of the festival featuring advanced
intersections of sound and video medias:

Link to Mutek Festival A/Visions site