Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tomas Alfredson's new film "Let the Right One In" at Landmark Theatres

I'm promoting a Teen Romance Vampire Movie from Sweden? You know if that's
happening, there's a good reason for it. In this case, a handful of reasons. My thoughts
on why its deserving of a larger audience are namely that for once, Vampirism isn't over-
glamorized in a X-men kind of comic book outsider-superhero nonsense way and more
significantly, that the film doesn't feel any need to impose a moral interpretation (of the
sometimes pretty gruesome acts involved with said Vampirism) on the audience. You are
given time to develop a relationship with the characters and make your own judgments
(something not seem in much genre film, especially 'horror') and that society (as
represented in the film by the comical depiction of the Swedish), isn't there as a 'moral
enforcer' within the narrative to show you, the audience, how to consider these characters,
their actions and ultimately the choices they make. Like any good cinema for adults, this
film knows those considerations should be left to you. Lastly, it should be mentioned
that its simply and precisely shot, with very subdued effects and restrained soundtrack
punctuation, all of which compliment the light-handed narrative delivery.
Well done, Tomas Alfredson.

And yes, "Let the Right One In" is indeed that very same film that showed at SIFF
this past summer - and other than a few positive reviews from those who attended,
it received just about nil in the way of recognition, much less any high-profile press.
Expect that to change in the coming months now that it has national distribution.
Especially with the inevitability of some bullsh*t american remake in the coming year
that manages to lose all the subtlety and balance of the original in its translation.
See the original in the cinema while you can:

Link to official "Let the Right One In" site

Link to Landmark Theatres screening schedule