Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Restless Brilliance" / "Colorfield Variations" at The Hammer
Museum : Sept 24 - LA

Volume Projects are back again with another installment in their "Restless Brilliance"
series again hosted by the Hammer Museum. Showcasing new work in the emergent
field of experimental electronic and AV performance, "Restless Brilliance" presents
artists that are blurring the lines between music, cinema, performance and visual art.

Link to Volume Projects site

Link to Hammer Museum site

This installment in the ongoing series with the Hammer Musuem presents a live
performance by Shuttle358 and a screening of "Colorfield Variations" curated by
Richard Chartier. Having witnessed "Colorfield Variations" in a couple different
contexts now, I can say its one of the more consistent (and progressive)
collections of digital audio-visual work touring the world currently as an exhibition.

Link to 3Particles "Colorfield Variations" site