Sunday, February 3, 2008

Alex Rutterford & Autechre's "Gantz_Graf" video

Precisely one month from the release of the new album, two months from Autechre's live tour and and
exactly five years (five years?!... this is five years old now?) since its release - the digital video animation
for Autechre's "Gantz_Graf" by Alex Rutterford is as fresh, confounding, dynamic and beautiful a piece
of AV experience as the day it dropped on the unsuspecting AE audience.

Possibly the most literal, yet totally abstract 'music video' made so far this century. ... And yes,
I recognize watching this as a embedded video on a computer screen is akin to listening to Autechre
on some kind of sh*tty excuse for a home stereo, but for those who already know this work the
generalities are conveyed. Some interesting insight into the methodology and inspiration from
Rutterford on this piece of digital psychedelic techerie here on the Warp site:

Link to Warp Records "Gantz_Graf" / Alex Rutterford interview site