Sunday, January 6, 2008

David Lynch on Watching Films on the iPhone

This reminds me of reading an interview with Stanley Kubrick in which he was being candid and
joking, sometime shortly before his death, (in Sight & Sound I believe?) laughing about the
prospect of people watching "2001" on their cell phones... Sorry Stan, you thought you
were being a satirist, but the world has in fact already made your cynical joke a reality.

What is becoming of people's qualitative sense of experiencing film in a more genuine,
dedicated way? Its strange how the immediacy of 'NOW' culture (and the technology that acts
as a facilitator to those manufactured values) has reduced our three-dimensional relationship
with art to its most insubstantial surface facade. On the other hand, on the polar extreme
of that spectrum, people are re-creating the cinema experience in their homes using higher
and higher def playback and projection hardware. Mostly tho', it seems to be going predominantly
the other way, with the novelty and immediacy of handheld devices/computer screens replacing
invested, dedicated viewing in a context that offers the highest qualitative/largest quantitative
translation of the sound/image of the film. Hmmm... to say the least; I'm not a fan.

Oh, and thank you David for the profanity!