Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oren Ambarchi / Keith Rowe : Chapel Performance Space / JewelBox Theatre
- Oct 15 / 25


October in Seattle is not only overrun by an abundance of film and music,
but these two distinct opportunities to witness true modern innovators of
minimalism and the electric guitar. Keith Rowe, being one of the founding
members of the legendary (in improv circles at least) AMM and a artist/
performer who has found a new circle of like-minds since his split with that
seminal outfit a couple years back. Among these new sonic compatriots are
Christian Fennesz, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura and yes, Oren
Ambarchi. In fact three of those four and Rowe have formed a new collective
outfit for his particular take on the instrument: 4G - or 'The Four Gentlemen
of the Guitar'. Rowe's recent recorded material released on Erstwhile finds him
refining his distinctly identifiable sound into one of pure tone, texture and
feedback. We also have the fortune of having these perfomances booked in
appropriate/complimentary spaces, with Rowe at the Chapel Performace Space
in North Seattle, again brought to the Northwest by those fine folks at Nonsequitur:

Link to Keith Rowe Archive / Discography

Link to Erstwhile Records site

Link to Nonsequitur / Chapel Performance Space site


Ten days later the JewelBox Theatre is going to be hosting a rather ideal opportunity
to catch guitar/effects/feedback/laptop tone-maestro Oren Ambarchi in its small
intimate, live setting. His work, for all its subtlety is also very physical and sometimes
plumbs the depths (and heights!) of the frequency spectrum in ways that are both
immersive and sensorially stimulating/visceral. Especially live from what I've seen/
heard at Mutek back in 03. This is a rare opportunity to catch him performing solo,
outside of the various Doom-Metal outfits he is currently touring with (Burial Chamber
Trio, SUNN O)))) stateside, as Mr. Ambarchi is a Ausie import who doesn't often perform
over here on our continent. Performance presented by our freinds at Wall of Sound:

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