Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Live Music and Films : Calendar of Sights / Sounds - October

In an attempt to keep all of the upcoming music shows and cinema openings in the coming month
organized in my mind, I put together a calendar of events just to keep them in some kind of sane
perspective. Many of these are brought to Seattle through those fine organizations that are Decibel
, Earshot Jazz Fest and the Northwest Film Forum, or labels/distributors that I work with/through and
subsequently they have offered up guestlist spots - some of which with +1's. Which means, Seattle crew:
you want to catch any of these in my company you gotta let me know. And yes, as if Decibel Fest, SFEMF
and the events at SIFF Cinema weren't enough last month, October looks to be carrying on the precedent
established by these past months with an abundance of the cinematic/sonic arts here in our little city.



Oct 5 - Ang Lee "Lust Caution" - Egyptian Theatre
(Won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Fest)

Oct 10-11 - Guy Maddin "Brand Upon the Brain" - Cinerama Theatre
(Seattle premier with Aono Jikken Ensemble foley soundtrack, live orator, Maddin in attendance)

Oct 23-25 - Ron Mann "Imagine the Sound" - Northwest Film Forum
(Seminal + rare Free-Jazz docu - Presented by Earshot Jazz Fest)

"A MAN VANISHES: The Legacy of Shohei Imamura" series at Northwest Film Forum:

Oct 26 - "Stolen Desire"

Oct 27 - "Nishi Ginza Station"

Oct 28 - "My Second Brother"

Oct 29 - "Pigs and Battleships"

Oct 30 - "Insect Woman"

Oct 31 - "Intentions of Murder"

Nov 1 - "The Pornographers"

Nov 2 - "A Man Vanishes"

Nov 3 - "Profound Desire of the Gods"

Nov 4 - "The Making of a Prostitute"

Nov 6 - "Why Not?"

Nov 7 - "Ballad of Narayama"

Nov 2-8 - "Vengeance is Mine"

Nov 8 - "Zegen"

Nov 9 - "Black Rain"

Nov 10 - "The Eel"

Nov 11 - "Dr. Akagi"

Nov 12 - "Warm Water Under a Red Bridge"



Oct 1 - Ulrich Schnauss w/ High Violets - Crocodile Cafe

Oct 3 - Thomas Fehlmann (Presented by Decibel Fest) - Nectar Lounge

Oct 11 - Boris w/ Damon & Naomi - Chop Suey

Oct 15 - Keith Rowe (of AMM, 4G, MIMEO) - Chapel Performance Space

Oct 18 - Liars w/ Interpol (Blah, I'm just going for Liars) - WaMu Theatre

Oct 19 - Modeselektor (Presented by Decibel Fest) - Chop Suey

Oct 19 - Akron/Family - Crocodile Cafe

Oct 21 - Burial Chamber Trio (G.Anderson, O.Ambarchi, A.Csihar) - Chop Suey

Oct 25 - Oren Ambarchi (Presented by Wall of Sound) - Rendezvous JewelBox Theatre

Oct 25 - Mono - Crocodile Cafe

Oct 31 - DoMakeSayThink - Crocodile Cafe

Nov 2 - SUNN O))) w/ Jesu - Neumos

Nov 3 - Battles - Neumos

Nov 4 - John Zorn w/ Mike Patton, Trevor Dunn (Presented by Earshot Jazz Fest) - Moore Theatre

And this doesn't include the visual art openings! So, thats all I know about this far in advance, no doubt
there will be more events to consider as venues like Nonsequitur and Grand Illusion release their Oct
schedules. And yes, honestly I *am* going to make these all. Or at least as many of them as sanity will
allow - and if you know me, you know my sanity can take a lot of art-punishment.