Sunday, September 2, 2007

Charles Ferguson's Iraq War docu "No End in Sight" - at Landmark Theatres


"The ability of "No End in Sight" to convincingly link disparate aspects of our imperial misadventure, from
civilian contractors to the empowerment of Iran, makes it the first can't-miss Iraq doc to appear thus far"
- Paul Arthur, Film Comment

The film's fundamental question posed is "Was this quagmire inevitable?". Without taking on the more broad
philosophical questions of justification for military intervention or America's geopolitical clout, the director
posits it could have been otherwise. Rather than government decision-making by a secret cabal or multinational
corporate imperative, the sequence of events so carefully laid out here reveals a mind-boggling litany of mistakes
and poor judgements by a cast of mostly novice policy makers informed by a deadly mixture of cronyism, willful
ignorance of Iraqi history and culture, gross incompetence, and moral vacuity. At gut level this feels more like
how our present government really works than any notion of an intricate Machiavellian conspiracy. Sorry, but
those folks just ain't that good.

By posing this question and exploring the vast mountain of facts and events surrounding the war, both domestically
and in Iraq itself, the film does a rather amazing job of bringing together a coherent image of this corporate/political/
military campaign gone awry. While all at once, shedding light on the degrees of 'spun' factual information,
misrepresentation and straight-out fabrication on the part of our current administration and corporate-backed
network news press that most of America relies on for their information about the world at large.

Link to "No End in Sight" - official site

"Writer/director Charles Ferguson's jaw-dropping documentary is an insider's tale of wholesale incompetence,
recklessness and venality. It asks the question: How did a group of men with little or no military experience,
knowledge of the Arab world or personal experience in Iraq come to make such flagrantly debilitating decisions?
Winner of the Special Jury Prize for Documentary at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival."

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