Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Wire : Adventures in Modern Music - Chicago : Sept 26 - 30

With finding that Seattle will not be hosting another installment of the Wooden Octopus Festival
this year I was motivated to look elsewhere in the country for genre-spanning festivals of more
avant-leaning sounds and came across the annual event hosted by The Wire in Chicago every September:

Link to The Wire 'Events' Site

This years fest is of particular note as its the 25th anniversary of the magazine and features such notables as:
Boris, Michio Kurihara, Burning Star Core, Hair Police and Ulrich Schnauss to name a few.

Being the 15th year anniversary of me becoming a regular reader it inspires a want to attend this year more than
usual and to celebrate 'Adventures in Modern Music' ten years behind those who have been with the mag since
its inception. Now also seems a good time to simply draw attention to The Wire and its (near)-consistent history
of being *the* music magazine in the world with the most diverse and expansive coverage of sounds that don't
easily fit into any one given genre-coding of non-commercial sonic creativity. So, thank you The Wire:

Link to The Wire Magazine Site