Monday, March 5, 2007

50 Years of Janus Films at SIFF Cinema : Mar 1 - Apr 22

CRITERION - Janus Films

Link to SIFF "Essential Art House - 50 Years of Janus Films" Site

Hard to imagine spending much time in the theatre the way the weathers been these past days, but no doubt it'll be craptastic and raining like a mofo all over again by next week. Seattle Intl. Film Fest with Janus Films has curated this 32 Film series of classic and fantastic cinema from the past century. Janus has done a exceptional job of making their catalog much of the canon of the 20th century and this series is a rare opportunity to see many of these in the cinema. This series coincides with the new Janus/Criterion Box set of the same name - which is a work of art itself. They got it at Scarecrow, go check it out, at least just to heft the thing. All films at SIFF's new McCaw Hall theatre facility there at the Seattle Centre, 321 Mercer Street.

Link to Janus Films Site - Infos on Janus/Criterion Box Set