Thursday, October 19, 2006

Krzysztof Kieslowski "Revelations of the Human Soul" Film series at NWFF : Nov 10-19


Northwest Film Forum is hosting 10 days of Films by the master late 20th Century Polish filmmaker Krzystof Kieslowski. The words that I have to say about his films do little to express the genuine emotional/existential life-questioning (and often life-affirming in their own circuitous and poetic way) narratives that are both dramatic and simultaneously true to the complexities and subtleties of the human experience in society. So yes. Theyre beautiful, consciously political and often timeless in their search to express the questions that existence, reflection and shared experience bring into daily life. Not to mention the quality of the casting and cinematography found throughout his work.

NWFF Kieslowski "Revelations of the Human Soul" site

From the Northwest Film Forum:
The history of cinema is rich with celebrated moralists, directors intent on examining the human condition and commenting on its flaws and foibles-among the greatest is Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski, who was plucked from cinema far before his time just ten years ago at age 54. NWFF is honored to present REVELATIONS OF THE HUMAN SOUL: WORKS OF KIESLOWSKI, a retrospective of the lifetime achievement of this great European filmmaker - tracing his evolution from student films to subtly subversive social documentaries to the magic of his first forays into feature filmmaking, CAMERA BUFF and BLIND CHANCE. This series offers a unique opportunity to draw connections between the artist's early film studies and his mature, fully realized portraits. All films in Polish with English subtitles.